About Avram Dumitrescu


I am an artist, illustrator, and indie game developer based in Vancouver, Canada.  Raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I studied art, design, animation, and illustration at the University of Ulster at Belfast.

My creative time is divided into teaching digital art classes at Vancouver Film School, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, making artwork for galleries and commercial illustration, and creating games. You can see my artwork in books such as Highlights Book of Things to Do, the 2021 Texas Great Reads book Marfa for the Perplexed by Lonn Taylor, and MFK Fisher: Among the Pots and Pans by Joan Reardon. Artwork and interviews can be found in Drawing Inspiration: Visual Artists at Work and Starting your Career as an Illustrator, both written by Michael Fleishman. Schmutznik, a PC game I made, is available for purchase at itch.io and on the Steam marketplace.

My paintings and drawings were part of the UTV Art Collection, one of Ireland’s most extensive and distinguished corporate collections. For the summer 2007 issue of the Southern Review I was the featured artist. I have exhibited in numerous galleries in Marfa and Alpine, Texas as well as various locations in Northern Ireland.


  • Highlights for Children
  • Culture Magazine
  • Drift
  • The Art of Eating
  • Lagom
  • Marfa Book Company
  • The Local Palate
  • The University of California Press
  • The Ulster Tatler
  • Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture