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14 October, 2021



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Use your robot Schmutznik to move through a series of a series of caves, clean up slime, avoid mutated creatues, and find each exit. The game has no jumping but instead Schmutznik can reach higher platforms by utilizing a telescoping neck. Almost all of the art is made from play-doh to give the game a unique look. Each level introduces a new mechanic or gameplay idea, keeping the approximately 3-hour gameplay a fresh, intense, and satisfying experience.


Schmutznik began as a project for the Atari 8-bit series of computers, but due to technical constraints, development was moved to a modern PC. Testing out many gameplay mechanics gave the game its range of interesting levels where an idea could be introduced to the player, explored, and then combined with other mechanics later in the game. Dumitrescu tried out a range of media to create the artwork until he settled on play-doh which worked to give Schmutnik a unique look. Audio was created mostly through Garageband and online sound generators such as https://sfxr.me/. Jeffery Meyer created five pieces of music for the game, including for the trailer.


  • Schmutznik has no jumping but instead allows the player to telescope up to higher platforms.
  • New mechanics and ideas are introduced almost every cave.
  • Almost all of the artwork is made from play-doh, giving a unique look to the game.
  • Fast, intense levels.
  • Fabulous music created by Jeffery Meyer. Audio was made using Garageband and online audio generators.


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video (thanks to Uncle Indie) YouTube


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Schmutznik Credits

Avram Dumitrescu
Solo developer, Avram Dumitrescu Illustrations

Jeffery Meyer
Freelance musician

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